We have created this page for a very special reason. Any loss of life is heart breaking, and yet we know that we are born, we grow up, we nurture the lives of others, we grow old, and then we … die. Yet many do not have the chance to experience all of the seasons of their lives and leave us much, much too early. In recognition thereof, \we want everyone to be know these individuals, to learn more about them, and to know the contributions they made to our lives, our community, and the world. We think it would be especially wonderful for their grand-children, great grand children and the generations to come to get to know them better too. We do not believe it should be just the wealthy, the famous and/or some politician that should only be immortalized by site such as Wikipedia. This especially applies to those who have given their lives for our Country -- they are far more important and the sacrifices the contributions they made in their short life times will forever outweigh anything a politician could ever be known for.

So if you have someone you would like remembered here, prayerfully please send us whatever information you have about the individual, including the date of their birth and their passing. Don't hesitate to include such information such as where they attended school, their parents names, their siblings, and stories about their life you treasure. Try to keep the initial description about who the individual to five hundred (500) words or less. Too, be sure to include five to ten pictures that you feel will best illustrate the person they were. We will then include their names here, along with a special page dedicated to them where remembrances from others may be also included.

Then someday soon I pray, I would like to established the
In Memoriam Project where all will FOREVER be remembered. Likewise, this service is absolutely free. However, if you would like to make a donation to our efforts to help underwrite the costs of bandwidth, upkeep and the likes thereof, or just to help further underwrite our work, please free to click the link below. Best wishes always. Antonio.

Edward Becay

David Fowler

John Gitner

Robert Menshausen

Jeffrey (Jeff) Joseph Pennisi

Robbie Gene Perry (Dancer - Choreographer)

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