After an exhausting year of research that has taken me the world over, I have discovered that there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence in existence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt (conclusively) that the use of PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) has prevented anyone from contracting the HIV virus -- or as it is otherwise described as having "seroconverted." Currently PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) consists of taking a drug called TRUVADA. Moreover, TRUVADA has now had to include in its literature that it cannot guarantee that TRUVADA is an adequate prevention against contracting HIV. See below.

Taking those findings and addressing yet another group of older
HIV positive men, I was horrified to learn that proof of whether or not the drug will conclusively prevent HIV infection doesn't matter --- just so long as the belief that PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) lifts the restrictions of gay men to legally engage in the practice of unprotected sex (sex without the use of a condom) is what matters. Specifically, ".... even if there is no evidence, at least it gives us hope and eradicates the fear of people to go out and just have sex." Thus, why PrEP IS the poison pill. It does everything but what primarily the gay community thinks it does: it encourages the abandonment of the use of a condoms during sexual activity, but does not actually protect the user from contracting HIV and each and every other sexually transmitted disease we once had under a certain degree of control.

But before becoming all hot under the collar about the issue
do OWN your research ... then contact me. Specifically, (per se) I invent a flame retardant chemical that is supposed to protect firemen from being engulfed in flames when entering a burning building. However, before I can LEGALLY make that claim I must be able to prove that the fabric has undergone hundreds of tests which involved exposing it to varying degrees of heat and flames. When it has proved beyond a shadow of doubt each and every time that that the clothing didn't catch on fire, or even become scorched, only then can it be approved for use as a FIRE RETARDANT.

there is not one study in existence that the use of PrEP has even been scrutinized in a similar fashion. Simply, not one person taking TRUVADA has EVER been "documented" to have been sexually active with an individual who is HIV positive and is fully DETECTABLE. Moreover, not one person who was involved in any study or is currently on TRUVADA has ever been able to prove that they have been sexually involved with an individual who is HIV positive and who is fully detectable.

Here is the first place to start your research. All throughout the film be acutely aware that NOT one doctor, not one individual EVER says that they have been with ANYONE who was HIV positive and had detectable levels of the HIV virus in their body. All each and every individual talks about is that the CDC says it works and that is good enough for them to abandon the use of condoms and resume sexual intercourse. The first question I am compelled to ask is .... why is this first time anyone has ever believed anything the government has ever said? I guess because sex is more addicting than any other substance in existence? All I can say is that I was involved in the study, and what is being published is not what is what was determined to be the absolute outcome. Likewise, here is the proof. (Click Here)

Moreover, if an individual is on
TRUVADA. as a means of PreEP therapy, they have been WARNED never to stop it. Just like HIV positive patients who are on the same drug and are undetectable, a patient taking TRUVADA. as a means of PrEP would now be in the same position -- neither would conclusive become detectable until the terminated the use of the drug. So things aren't adding up after all?

But here is the most important fact that no one encouraging "gay" patients to take PrEP will tell you. You must sign a contract with your health care provider so that when "the pill" does what it usually does (slowly destroy your vital organs) you have absolutely no recourse to sue your health care provider, the drug manufacturer or your health insurance company. Copy enclosed below.

Lastly, if you are on the drug, I encourage you to get your legal affairs in order -- especially your POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustain Treatment) in order so that when the drug does what it does best, at least you'll have all your affairs in order.


TRUVADA Agreement_Form

TRUVADA Checklist_for_Prescribers