Jul 2016


Many of you received notices over the course of the last several months from the State of California - Health and Human Services Agency - Department of Health Care Services notifying you that "After a Medi-Cal beneficiary passes away, the State may collect the cost of Medi-Cal services received ON or AFTER his/her 55th birthday from his/her estate." This includes premium payments made to a managed care plan."

The same notice went on to read, "Estate is defined as any real or personal property owned by the Medi-Cal beneficiary, including any assets distributed through joint tenancy, tenancy in common, survivorship, life estate and living trust. The Department of Health Care Services (Department) may also claim against a life insurance policy or retirement account that names the estate as the beneficiary or that goes back to the estate. Annuities purchased on or after September 1, 2004 may also be recovered. The Department will never collect more than either the value of the estate property owned by the Medi-Cal beneficiary or the amount of the medical service he/she received, whichever is less."

Don't panic if you received such a notice. Simply just contact our offices and we'll handle any issues for you. (925) 933-3357 or by email at admin@charmedincca.com