I don't know about you, but when I purchased my Samsung S6 Edge, I was a bit frustrated when I found out there were only two types of covers available for my phone and neither afforded my phone much protection. Although claims were made that my screen portion of my phone was made of "Gorilla Glass," I still worried that it was going to get scratched and beat up. One friend already has a hairline crack in her phone after dropping it in the case provided, and even though you can't see it that clearly, she knows it there. More importantly, because it seems the inside of every handbag, briefcase, and back pack is lined in black, I could not never find my phone in time to answer a call. Then came along a very dear friend and client who could just about knit/crochet anything the mind could imagine. Hearing of my frustration, she had me sit down and design a cover that she would then crochet. One week later, she handed me my first case. Measuring 6 7/8" tall on the back, 6" tall on the front, 3 1/2" wide, and 1/2" thick, it fit my phone perfectly -- while leaving just enough of the phone "peering" out of the top of the case so that I could see it was still in there. To get the phone out: just turn it upside down and shake gently. Now my phone is always protected and I can EASILY find it anywhere. Too, when I am using my Bluetooth, I don't even have to take the phone out of the case. I fell so in love with these cases, that I now have five (5) so that I can switch colors whenever I want to "change it up." So I think you will enjoy them too. Don't see a color combination you like here or on our web site ( that you like ... don't worry ... send us up to three strands of yarn in the colors you would like, how you would like them arranged (front, back and side) and within two weeks we'll send you the finished product. And it gets better. If you have a phone other than Samsung Galaxy, Samsung S6 Edge, or IPhone, all you have to do is provide us with the dimensions of your phone, and the color combinations you want and we'll make it for you at no additional charge. And it just keeps getting better! $2.50 of each purchase goes to underwrite The Robin Williams Memorial Medical Center and Museum, and the other $2.50 goes to help underwrite Hydrocephalus treatment and research. Thanks much and we look forward to hearing from you soon.($6.25 flat shipping charge for up to four (4) covers.
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